PILLARS’ Announces partnership with human-IT to bridge the digital Divide

Founders of Leap Theory, LLC., a financial technology company in Los Angeles, California, have announced the launch of the Pillars to Prosperity Foundation and its subsequent community partnership with human-I-T.

In addition to donating computer hardware, Morgan Gethers, Chief Executive Officer, Anet Moradian, Chief Operations Officer, and Joe Falls, Chief Marketing Officer, wanted to utilize their resources and reputation in the tech industry to inspire change. “A partnership with human-I-T is the perfect match because they are already doing the work. We care and believe we can have a long-term impact on improving peoples lives simply by partnering with like-minded organizations such as human-I-T.”, offers the leadership team.

Gethers, Moradian, and Falls will serve as Board Members for the Pillars foundation. The three are eager to steer the foundations mission and vision which is to provide a gateway for families to access quality housing, education, and healthcare resources. The goal is to also become an organization known for delivering premier financial literacy programming while supporting fellow charities through financial contributions and volunteer
work throughout the year. 

Amidst the global pandemic, human-I-T officials have shared their dismay for the lack of virtual learning tools made available to students and parents alike. In order to start the change, Pillars to Prosperity has taken the first step by donating $20,000 in support of this relief effort. This will lead the organization to develop a social campaign to encourage participation from other professionals in the FinTech industry along with new programming plans are set to be announced in the Fall of 2021. The Pillars to Prosperity Foundation is a 501c3 organization that is headquartered in West Los Angeles, California. For donations, programming inquiries, and media requests, please email contact@prosperitypillars.org.

Earth Day 2021: How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint By Donating Your Old Tech

Video Courtesy of human-i-t

It is true that the work we do in our communities has a longstanding impact on future generations. This is why Earth Day is so important. This year, Earth Day has our attention for a number of reasons.

First with the intense discussions surrounding climate change, and secondly the impact of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, that has been felt on so many levels. Many of us are wondering what we can do to help those in need. Monetary donations are the first thing that comes to mind. Sure writing a check is great! But think about what types of digital devices laying around your home or office you are no longer using. In such a pivotal time when virtual learning is the new normal, your device can help a student access classes from the comfort of their home, without the risk of spreading the virus.

For over 10 years, our partners at human-IT have led the charge in repurposing tech to help families in need. Their services include machine waste management, device refurbishing, and certified data destruction services that safely wipe sensitive data from your machine. As leaders in this area we are happy to support their mission to not only “Bridge The Digital Divide,” but also to reduce the carbon footprint. To learn more about human-I-T and how you can donate today, visit www.human-it.org