Building foundations today for prosperity tomorrow


Launched in 2020, the Pillars to Prosperity Foundation was created to answer the call for an increase in services and resources for underprivileged communities in Los Angeles County. Today, unemployment, the housing crisis, and the global pandemic continue to be issues of great concern. Therefore, we believe that by focusing on three major target areas or PILLARS which include: Shelter, Education, and Health, these communities can begin to stabilize and move toward building a more prosperous future.

Pillars to Prosperity

Our Mission & Vision

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    To become an organization known for delivering premier financial literacy programming, designed to educate the youth and empower families, as we believe this is the TRUE key to wealth building & sustainability.

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    To serve as a destination for individuals and families in need to access quality housing, education, and healthcare resources.

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    To partner and support fellow non-profit charities and organizations who are already doing this much-need work in their communities. Accomplished through financial contributions as well as volunteer work throughout the year.

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