The Pillars to Prosperity Foundation, has identified Shelter, Education, Healthcare, and Financial Literacy as our philanthropic focus. Here are some examples of how we plan to help the community.

We Care About Quality Shelter for ALL

Founders of Leap Theory, LLC, a financial technology company in Los Angeles, have announced the

launch of the Pillars to Prosperity Foundation and its subsequent community partnership with human-I-T.

The partnership will “Bridge the Digital Divide” as virtual learning becomes mainstay during the COVID-

19 global pandemic.

After donating computer hard drives, monitors and accessories to the human-IT organization, the

founders of Pillars to Prosperity had no idea that a community partnership was on the horizon. However,

after learning more about human-IT’s work in the community, it was a no-brainer.

Leap Theory founders, Morgan Gethers, chief executive officer, Anet Moradian, chief operations officer,

and Joe Falls, chief marketing officer, wanted to utilize their resources and reputation in the tech space

to inspire change. As a new foundation, they understood the importance of connecting with

organizations that shared their passion for using technology to increase educational opportunities. They

also wanted to ensure that any donation made would have a long-lasting and direct impact to local

families in need.

“A partnership with human-I-T is the perfect match because they are already doing the work. We care

and believe we can have a long-term impact on improving people’s lives, simply by partnering with like-

minded organizations such as human-I-T.”, offers the leadership team.

Gethers, Moradian, and Falls, will serve as Board Members for the foundation and are eager to steer its

mission and vision. Which is to provide a gateway for families to access quality housing, education, and

healthcare resources. The goal is to also become an organization known for delivering premier financial

We Care About Quality Education for ALL 

1.Provide funds for teachers, and technology resources for students who are challenged by virtual learning from home.
2.Provide legal resources to students facing harsher sentencing instead of rehab programs. 
3.Help youth to avoid gangs and criminal activity by promoting after school programs, performing and visual arts, summer camps, tutoring services, and special interest groups for kids.
4.Partner with schools and programs that encourage admissions to magnet, charter, private schools, day care and head start programs. 
5.Sponsor College Prep activities including SAT/ACT tutoring, traveling college tours, financial aid and grant counseling.  

We Care About Quality Healthcare for ALL

1.Create a database for free/low-cost health care and insurance options. 
2.Promote mental health awareness, and counseling services.  
3.Provide listings for affordable fitness programs/online classes for youth and adults.  
4.Provide listings of local farmer’s markets or community garden pop-ups.  
5.Provide listings of nutrition, healthy meal programs and cooking classes for youth, adults and seniors that promote healthy lifestyle and combat illness. 

We Care About Financial Literacy for ALL

1.Closing the wealth gap: Providing resources & tips for minority families to establish wealth/savings plans for future generations. 
2.Sponsor webinars that cover topics such as: Understanding the stock market, investing on a budget, entrepreneurship, portfolio management, retirement planning, and investing like the pros.  
3.Choosing the best insurance plans for (Life/Home/Auto/Accident etc.) 
4.Debt & Credit Counseling 
5.Will & Estate Planning
6.Loan Management (Qualifying, Interest rates, What Lenders Don’t Want You to Know)
a.Student Loans
b.Mortgage Loans
c.Auto Loans
d.Business Loans 

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